Fact # Three elements determine whether a drive flies straight, 1. Clubface angle 2. Club Path. Do you know what the 3rd key element is? Want to learn more??

Winter Training 6 week plan

Improve your game, play your best Golf in 2020

- Learn to hit longer, straighter and more consistant shots.
- Each week we will focus on a new skill to improve your Golf game.
- Gain speed and distance
- Correct slice or hook
- Play your best in 2020!
- Driver optimization

Duration – 9 Hours Training
Group size  4-8 Persons

Recommended for all players

Price 1500 kr *Bonus * 50% discount on Range Balls at World of Golf (1 time only must purchase on the 1st training day for discount)

Location – World of Golf Göteborg Sweden

More information email:  john.parkinson@worldofgolf.se

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6 Week Training Plan

Week 1-2

Week 1-2 – Set up Swing.

Build a solid foundation to your swing with a perfect Set Up. Find your perfect Back-Swing plane and learn how to control the Clubface.Learn how to gain more swing speed and ball speed..The goal is to gain 20-30 meters of distance over the 6 week Training plan.

The left wrist position at the top of the backswing is key to controling the Clubface
The left wrist position at the top of the backswing is key to controling the Clubface

6 Week Training Plan

Week 3-4

Week 3-4 – Swing Training, Driver Training

We will continue the work on the swing and also learn how to hit the Driver. Learn the secret of a High Launching Low spinning drive to maximize distance and accuracy.

6 Week Training Plan

Week 5-6

Complete Training

We will train Swing, Driver, Short Game as well as Mental training for golf. This will be key to playing your best on the golf course in 2020!

Optimize your Drive

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