Driver Fitting

The key to maximizing driver distance is achieving the optimal launch angle and spin rate together with a centered strike. This will produce higher ball speeds, long carry distances and an optimal landing angle for maximum bounce and roll. These key parameters are all accurately measured on Trackman to give immediate feedback.

The optimal launch angle varies for each individual golfer depending on swing speed and club delivery. Generally lower swing speeds require a higher launch to maximize distance.

The latest research from Trackman shows that most amateur golfers are poorly fitting for their driver with most players using a driver with around 2° too strong loft. Recent findings also show the average golfer will add up to 30 yards to their drive once optimally fitted.

To help each individual player optimize their distance from the tee, I have the latest driver models from Taylormade and Callaway with varying lofts and shafts.

A Trackman driver fitting session takes 45 minutes and costs €55.

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John Parkinson

PGA Professional, Harold Swash Certified Level 2 coach &Trackman Certified Master

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