Fact #1 A positive attack angle can help to increase driving distance, but optimizing the Spin Loft is the true secret. Want to learn more??

Driver Masterclass

Improve your game, learn the secret of hitting longer and more accurate drives.

- Longer and Straighter drives
- Maximize distance
- Correct slice or hook
- Understand the Trackman numbers
- Learn about the ”Gear Effect“
- Better understand misses / bad shots
- Trackman analysis

Duration – 2 Hours
Group size  1-2 Persons
Price – 895Kr Per Person
Location – World of Golf Göteborg Sweden
Booking Hotline – 031-709 79 79

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John fully understands D-plane theory as well gear-effect for off-center hits, and has had intensive practical experience with ball flight analysis through his use of TrackMan.

Fredrik TuxenTrackMan CTO
Fact #2 Three elements determine whether a drive flies straight, 1. Clubface angle 2. Club Path. Do you know what the 3rd key element is? Want to learn more??
Fredrik Tuxen
John Parkinson

TrackMan Master

1st TrackMan Master from Britain

In October 2012 I was very proud to be presented with the Trackman University Master certificate. "For the achievements in the field of Trackman technology, swing and ball flight analysis and the underlying theory of ball flight laws."
(Picture John Parkinson, Fredrick Tuxen - Trackman CTO)

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